Energy Services

3rd Party Quality Assurance and Quality Control Inspections

Our experienced QAQC Inspectors will help elevate your programs to exceed expected levels of engagement and quality of service. At your discretion, Homestead Sage can incorporate coaching and process improvement into the feedback loop to improve outcomes without sacrificing efficiency.

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Energy audits and assessments

We can provide BPI Certified Building Analysts, Envelope Professionals, Infiltration and Duct Leakage Professionals or other Certified Experts to provide high quality energy audits and assessments when and where you need them.
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Direct installation of energy conservation measures and equipment

Our technicians can safely install kit components, light bulbs, water conservation measures, weatherstripping, pipe insulation, thermostats, or other equipment.
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Temporary and project-based staffing with qualified personnel

Do you need qualified help fast? We can help. Homestead Sage has a nationwide network of industry experts who can help.
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